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Hillside Family Medicine

All About Hillside Access Alliance

About Access Alliance    Questions Answered     Alliance Fees  

The Hillside Access Alliance is an innovative, cost-effective way to provide primary health care to people without health insurance, and those with defined contribution plans.

The Alliance is sponsored by Hillside Family Medicine.  Participants in the Alliance will have the same access to comprehensive primary care services and same-day sick visits that all Hillside patients enjoy. Benefits include:

  • Well/Preventive Visits (with vaccinations) for All Participants
  • “Check Ups” & Follow-up Visits to Keep You Healthy
  • Same-Day Access to a Hillside Physician When You Are Sick (during regular office hours)
  • On-Call Access to a Hillside Physician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for after-hours phone consultation on urgent medical matters

The cost to participate is nominal and easy to budget. See the Alliance Fees section for a complete listing of fees.  

If you would like more information without cost or obligation, please call us at 401.725.6160

The Hillside Access Alliance is not an insurance product and does not provide or include: services not considered primary health care; medications; emergency services; medical equipment or supplies; hospital, laboratory, radiology, and other specialty services. Participation requires and is governed by a Letter Agreement with Hillside Family Medicine.

Questions and Answers about Access Alliance

What is the Hillside Access Alliance?
It is an innovative, cost-effective way for participants to receive comprehensive primary care services, including well/preventive visits and same-day physician availability when you are sick, on a reduced fee-for-service basis. The Hillside Access Alliance is sponsored by Hillside Family Medicine.

Who might be interested in participating in the Hillside Health Access Alliance?
1. Individuals, couples, or families with no health insurance.
2. People with defined contribution plans or high-deductible (catastrophic) health insurance plans.

Why is Hillside Family Medicine doing this?
We believe that all people, regardless of income or insurance status, should have access to basic health care services. In addition, we are committed to offering all people high quality primary care at an affordable price. The Hillside Access Alliance allows us to offer comprehensive primary care services in an affordable package that is easy to budget, easy to understand and easy to use.

What services are included?
Comprehensive primary health care services in one of our two office locations including: same-day doctor visits when you are sick, sport/camp/work physicals; well/preventive visits with all age/risk appropriate vaccinations; follow-up visits; and medication management visits.

What services are not included?
Services provided outside of our two office locations; medical services falling outside of usual and customary definitions of Primary Health Care; emergency medical services; mental health & counseling services; medications; hospital, laboratory, radiology, and other specialty services; and medical equipment or supplies.

Is this health insurance?
No. The Hillside Access Alliance provides participants with comprehensive primary care services. Participants sign a participant agreement that entitles them to physician access and reduced fee-for-service primary health care at Hillside. You are billed for access to services after that access has been provided to you by Hillside. The Hillside Access Alliance is not affiliated with, or sponsored by, any health plan or HMO.

What kind of physician access will I have under the Access Alliance?
Like all patients at Hillside, participants will establish a relationship with a primary doctor – the physician that will maintain and update your medical records, and see you for annual check ups.  In the event of acute illness or urgent medical need, participants will have same-day physician access – just like all other Hillside patients. In order to access same-day physician appointments:

Weekends & Holidays – Call us before noon.  If, after telephone discussion/agreement with the covering physician, your situation requires same-day attention, the covering physician will either help you over the phone or arrange to see you in one of our offices.

PLEASE NOTE: that well/preventive visits and non-urgent matters are not eligible for same-day physician availability.

Is this “Boutique” or “Concierge” medicine?
No. “Boutique” or “Concierge” medicine is a service offered by some physicians who restrict their practices to people who pay $4,000 - $5,000 per year per person. Although we offer many of the same services, we are committed to providing access to quality care for everyone. We charge no about $30 per month per person, which is less than the cost of a cell phone, Internet access, or cable TV!

How do I sign up or get more information?

All you need to do is fill out an Application Form, sign the Participation Agreement, and pay your Security Deposit.  An Application Form and Participation Agreement can be picked-up in our office.

Access Enrollment and Participation

The cost of participation is nominal and easy to budget. The following is a list of fees:

  • Initial Registration Fee $80 for individuals or $150 maximum per household (3+ members)
  • Monthly fee $30 per month or monthly credit card or debit cards $28 per month
  • Reactivation fee $150 (if Access fees unpaid) or $275/household (3+ members)

Physician & Other Health Professional Time

  •     Office visit $10
  •     After hours visit $15
  •     (service after 5pm, holidays or weekends)
  •     Home visit $75
  •     Daily hospital or nursing home visit $20 (days 1-10)
  •     Daily hospital or nursing home visit $10 (days 11+)
  •     Dietician/nutrition visit $10

Administrative Fees

  •     Completion of form if not done during an office visit $5
  •     Medical Records, state of Rhode Island prevailing rate
  •     No show appointment $30 / $50 (depending on type of appointment)
  •     Nonpayment fee $25


In order to cover our costs only, we will charge Access members a nominal fee for special injections, supplies and tests. Since our costs vary depending on market prices, we will adjust our fees from time to time. We will make every effort to advise you of these fees prior to seeing the doctor.

Injections/Immunizations: The state of Rhode Island generously provides routine childhood immunizations at no cost.  We will administer those at no cost to you. Should an adult or child require immunization that is not covered by the state, we would ask you to pay our cost.