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Adult & Pediatrics: Contact your practice first if you are sick.

Feeling Sick?
Coastal clinicians are available to care for our adult and pediatric patients who aren’t feeling well. This includes speaking with a provider over the phone, through telemedicine, or, when appropriate, through an in-person visit.
We will screen all patients for coronavirus exposure over the phone and will recommend the type of visit that is most appropriate.

Respiratory Illness
We may suggest some patients with respiratory illnesses who are otherwise healthy remain at home. Our advice will be based on the patient’s medical history and the updates we receive from the public health authorities. A Coastal clinician will assist you in determining a plan of care for yourself or your child during a telephone or telemedicine visit.

Contact your Coastal practice if you are not feeling well. Please do not walk into your Coastal office without an appointment.

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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a service that allows you to video conference with a clinician using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Learn more about telemedicine.

Patients with a patient portal account can access and schedule telemedicine services without any delay. Don’t have a patient portal account?  Call your Coastal practice, today!